Michael Kiggins

My debut novel AND THE TRAIN KEPT MOVING is forthcoming from Running Wild Press. It follows the misadventures of Bryan Meigs, a 26-year-old gay man whose thoughts are dominated by his OCD. It’s 2003, and between settling for a dead-end job and drinking too much, Bryan’s life has stalled out in Memphis, Tennessee. In the year since getting dumped, he has cut himself off from dating entirely and most of his friendships.

During a chance encounter at work, Bryan meets a handsome man named Adam. Ignoring his instincts, Bryan decides to go on a date. Although he is hoping for an escape from the rut of lonely hangovers, Bryan’s morning-after arrives with bloody sheets, a battered body, no memory of the night before, and no signs of a used condom.

Wherever Bryan turns for help, his few friends downplay his concerns or question the version of events he knows to be true. These and other betrayals fuel his desire to track Adam down and make him admit what he did. If only Bryan can do this, it will prove he has been right all along. During his search, he will navigate parts of Memphis that most tourists never see—a world of gay clubs, late-night dives, an adult bookstore, and cruisy park trails—all set against the backdrop of a time when both homophobia and the fear of contracting HIV were much more rampant.

 Throughout this transgressive literary novel, Bryan will be forced to confront childhood traumas and reckon with brutal facts about who he really is. In light of these revelations, Bryan faces a choice: will he let others define his truth, or will he write his own story?